Documentary Family Photographer and Filmmaker In London

Every family has a unique story full of personality.
Let me help you celebrate yours!


Your beautiful chaotic family life captured in photos.

The love, the chaos, the sticky kisses, the tears, the fun, the quibbles. The beauty of every day family life. You will not look at your photos and think ‘That’s the day we went to see a photographer’, but you will see a slice of your real life. 

Family Photographer and filmmaker in London photographing a mother with baby on her back doing the dishes.
Family Photographer in London has taken a photo of siblings playing in the bathtub.

Your kind words

Your family photos are not just for you, they're for your children too!

“It was such a lovely experience for all of us. My husband had reservations about it, but really enjoyed himself and didn’t find it awkward at all, which he had been worried about.
– Satu & Danny, Chislehurst, London –

Documentary family photography is about what it feels like

“She captured our 5 week old baby exactly as she is: crying, feeding, milk drunk, sleeping.. We are very happy that we captured a day in our family life, these are amazing memories of the early days together as a new family that we will cherish forever”.
– Vera & Xiao, London –


The person behind the camera

London Family Photographer's self-portrait of her sleeping with her child.


I’m a Dutch family photographer and filmmaker based in london.

I believe that this very moment in time is the most important one. That true connection, deep conversations and creating little adventures are what gives our life colour.

I create photos for big-hearted families. To not only show you what you looked like, but more importantly to capture what your family truly felt like.


I am a filmmaker with over 14 years of experience. I make beautiful films for both families and businesses.

A very special type of film I make are ‘Life Story Films’, which are the perfect gift to give the (grand)parents. To create a piece of family history to keep and cherish.

Saskia is a Family Photographer and Filmmaker in London, UK.


You want great imagery of your business, to showcase what you do and what you’re about. From a beautiful film about you and your business, to photographs showcasing your products, creative processes and yourself. To really create a cohesive brand. So that you become more visible and will attract more clients.


The Next Step

Reaching out is the next step. Send me a message and I will get back to you within the next 48 hours to set up a quick 15min phone call. That way we can get to know each other and I can answer any questions you might have. We will make sure we are on the same page, so that you feel confident and comfortable in booking me as your photographer or filmmaker.

4 + 10 =


At Portray Your Story, all of my clients can expect to be affirmed, included, and celebrated, regardless of skin colour, gender identity, sexuality, age, religion or disability. Everyone is welcome and I endeavour to provide a photography & film service that makes everyone feel safe and accepted just as they are. 

Not ready to send me a message?

“Grab a cup of tea and dive in to unlock your creativity

Have a look at some awesome resources I’ve created that I think you will enjoy! From a photography activity book for kids, to top tips on how to take great photos of your children.

Personal Branding photograph for a cake maker based in Dulwich London.


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