5 free Father’s Day ideas

Jun 6, 2020

It is important to celebrate dads on Father’s Day! And it doesn’t have to cost anything extra to make someone feel special, and perhaps the free gifts are actually the greatest. The children can do these five tips themselves, or if they are too young with a bit of help. You can do these tips also as a grown-up for your own father.

father's day ideas

Making the meals special

Love goes through the stomach, so let’s make the meals extra special! Think of a breakfast in bed with a good lie in, eating lunch as a family picnic, having the older kids cook daddy dinner or have a film night with pizza and popcorn.

A coupon book

You can create Father’s Day coupons by using this free template. Fill in chores that dad doesn’t like doing from washing the car, doing the dishes or cooking, but also fill in some favours he likes like hugs, a back massage or bringing him something to drink from the fridge. The wonderful thing is that this is not just for Father’s Day as the coupons can be redeemed after the day as well.

father's day ideas

Be the king for a day

Let the kids decorate daddies favourite chair to turn it into his own special throne fit for a king. And like a king he won’t need to lift a finger as the kids serve daddy for an hour, or for however long you choose.

Love letters

Let the kids make a beautiful Father’s Day card and write a list in it with all the reasons why daddy is awesome! You can of course also write a poem in it or the lyrics of your favourite song about dads.

father's day ideas

Make a photo or video collage

For the photo collage the kids can print out pictures and stick them on a paper, they can add words to it that come to mind when thinking of daddy. They can also cut out shapes or things daddy loves from a magazine or printed from the internet. You can use Canva to make a free digital collage.

To make a video collage you can take turns recording a message for dad saying why you love him and sharing your favourite memory of him. You can edit these in iMovie or Adobe Premiere Rush (3 free exports). To make more of a collage you can also add some old video footage of dad with the kids from the past.


  1. Jacob Essilfie

    I got a home-made key ring from my son this Father’s day. As I don’t see him often I really treasure the creative gifts he makes for me

    • sassie

      I love the idea of a home-made key ring as you always carry that with you. I understand you treasure it. And I know you miss him lots!

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