Why a family photo session at home is great

Apr 1, 2023

Often when we think of family photography, we think of studio portraits or that they are best done outdoors. However, there are so many great reasons to do your photo session right from the comforts of your own home. In this blog I want to give you 7 benefits of doing your family photo session at home. You might feel objections coming up, like my home is a mess, looks old or we are doing building works. But it is not about portraying your family home or life as perfect. Family photos taken at home are beautiful, honest, and will really reflect your beautiful everyday family life. Most of our life is spend at home and are part of our memories, so I would love for you to consider doing your photo session (partly) at your house.

1. The home is where you all feel most comfortable

Being in your own private space will help you feel more relaxed immediately. It can be scary to have someone take pictures from you, as it is something very intimate. And that feeling of safety at home will in turn help with feeling mor comfortable. You will be able to show me who you are and let me into those most meaningful and intimate moments of family life. Those moments that you want documented most.

At home are also all the things that will make you feel more comfortable physically. Feeling cold? Grab a sweater. Hungry? Open the fridge. Feeling Tired? Have a nap in bed. That way you and everyone else will feel happy…and even if that’s not the case, then the home is the best place to have a cry or slam a door ????

2 The home is a place imbued with memories

The home is where you spend most of your time, so this is also the place that carries most memories. It is a wonderful thing for your children to see the home they lived in when young. That old cookie jar that was always on the counter, their toys scattered on the floor, the posters on their bedroom walls or the sofa that was so comfy to lie on. The home does not need to be perfect or clean, it is just perfect the way it is in all its imperfections. So, if you do not want to have an indoor session because you feel your home is too small, too messy or too old and ugly, then just know that in your child’s mind it was the place where they felt happy, loved and have most of their childhood memories which are absolutely priceless to have in a photo.

3. No disruption of your daily life

Doing a family photo session might seem like a hassle in your mind, that you have to plan and clear your diary for. However, in my documentary photo sessions you can go about your life as usual. You can do your everyday tasks if you wish, from grocery shopping or mopping the floor.

If your child is small and still has a set routine and needs naps and meals at specific times, then that is much easier at home. There are no interruptions to your usual routine with your kids and these routines make great honest family photos too!

4. You do not have to worry about the weather

During an indoor family photo session, the weather outside does not matter. Of course, when it is bright outside, there will be more light indoors. But also, on a grey and dreary day we can still create soulful family photos at home. If you really only would like an outdoor photo session, then we would have to postpone it with rainy weather. However, there is no need to postpone your photo session due to weather when it will be indoors. Since my family photo sessions start from 3hours, you can also decide to have a mix of being at home and outside. If the weather is rainy, we can try to avoid the rainy spells. We then go out when it is dry to jump in puddles or go to a local playground or park.

5. You can include your pets in your family photo session at home

Often pets are really part of a family, so it’s always wonderful to have them in your family photos too. Dogs can be taken outdoors with you, but most other pets really are bound to home. They can be included during an indoor family photo session with cuddles, playing, cleaning their cage, feeding or just sitting in the background of your photos. Just go about your day as usual and I am sure your pets will be a part of that too.

6. No need to get out of your PJs

If you like you can just roll out of bed and stay in your nightwear all day. I actually love to photograph the process of getting ready in the morning. Helping the smaller kids get dressed, putting your own make-up while your child watches you, feeding your baby first thing in the morning both in PJs. The beauty of documentary family photography is that you do not have to be or look different then you are. You can dress however you like!

7. There are so many fun activities to during a family photo session at home.

Not only have kids all their favourite things and toys at home to play or cuddle with, but there are also so many great activities that you can undertake as a family at home. The first thing to ask yourself is what your favourite indoor activities are. Choose something you love to do or do often. Anything is possible from baking cookies, reading a book, playing games, building a den, or making crafts…you name it! The best thing about documentary family photography is that I capture the uniqueness of your own family and what you love doing together (or alone). You do not need to change your plans for me at all.

These are 7 reasons why I really like family photography at home. It will give you images that show the intimacy of family life, the beauty of the everyday, and photos that will really make you say ‘This is us’.

Do you want to do have your family photo session at home? I can help you with my unposed, fun, and honest family photography. I’m based in South London but happy to travel far and wide.


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