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Saskia is an absolute pleasure to deal with. She’s warm and friendly and instantly makes you feel at ease. I’m not one for posing for the camera and I’m very critical of any photos I see of myself. Saskia certainly had a challenge with me! She took some really lovely head shots that I’m really pleased with. She really listens to your requirements and goes out of her way to ensure you’re happy and comfortable with everything. If you want to feel relaxed and at ease with great results, be sure to talk to Saskia.

Carrie Williamson

Travel Agent

I would highly recommend Saskia as I was blown away with her process from start to finish.
Saskia is such a beautiful, calming, fun and experimental soul and the photographs she captured during our time together are absolutely incredible. I can’t thank you enough for bringing my ideas to life in the way you have done through your photography, for retelling my story through the camera lens, for bringing a smile to my face with all the giggles and simply for being such a joy to be around as we laid in the leaves together.

Laura Hepworth


I had such a wonderful time with Saskia during the branding photoshoot. She is very professional, and I like that she is very organised. She made me feel at ease, I really enjoyed the photoshoot. I like her photography style and the quality of branding prints. It was such a pleasure working with her. I highly recommend her.

Wimbai McLaughlin


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