How I capture your family in Photographs and films

Your most precious moments to be cherished!

Family photograph with the dog running ahead on the path in Hayes Common

Capturing the little moments

You want to be in the photos with your children and have pictures with all of you together. You value photographs to show your true family life and real memories, not something fabricated or posed.

You are perfectly imperfect, and you don’t need to have photos wearing colour coordinated outfits looking serene into the camera. You want your photos which show your personalities, quirks and genuine expressions. 

This is the greatest gift you could give your children: real memories captured to cherish for when they are older. To relive the feelings of those moments and see the love you have for each other. 

“The little things? The Little Moments? They aren’t little”
– Jon Kabat-Zinn


I have a documentary style, which is natural and relaxed.

To create this we will do an activity that you normally do as a family; from pancake breakfasts, a walk in the forest, dancing to 80s music, tickles with full-belly laughs, planting flowers in your garden to lots of splashes during bath time and putting the children to bed. It is up to you what part of your life I will capture.

There is no awkward posing required. But true moments of connection. I’ll photograph you without judgement. And I value your trust and openness to allow me inside your world and to capture these precious moments. 

Your photography session can be either at home or outdoors or even a combination of the two, depending on the length of the photography session you go for.


Session Fee - from £150,-

There are two types of session. You can either choose an ‘Adventure Session’ (3 hours), a ‘Day in a Life Session’ (10 hours). After choosing a session you will choose a package, there are three different packages to choose from. 


We start with a family questionnaire followed by a phone or skype call. This way we can get to know each other a bit before the photoshoot and I can also find out what you like doing together as a family and which memories you would like to dearly hold on to.


On the day of the shoot I will work my magic with my camera. You will go on your outing or do your activities at home. I might blend in to capture the quiet moments and might play with the kids to get some genuine laughs. It will be a fun and relaxed time.


After the session I will edit your photos. This will take some time. Within 2 weeks you will have your images to view in a gallery and to choose the ones you like to have printed or to put into your bespoke family photo album.

Baby being burped on the shoulder of mother during a newborn documentary family photoshoot.

Videos to watch over and over

Film is an extremely powerful way to capture memories and tell stories. Is there anything more emotive than watching a family film? 

“It didn’t matter how big our house was; it mattered that there was love in it.”


Film captures even more than a photo. It captures the funny things your child says, how they would run up to you for a cuddle or wrap their hands around yours.
I make a 2-3 minute family film for you to watch over and over again. We can film highlights like a first haircut, a birthday, but also the beautiful everyday like eating lunch, working in the garden, cleaning the house together or a walk on the beach and the building of sandcastles.

Film isn’t only a great way to capture your children, but also to capture the older family members. You can watch granny bake her beloved cake or grandpa going on his daily walk to get his newspaper in a 2-3 minute film.
I also do a very special type of film called a ‘Life Story Film’. It is a 10-15min film to tell a part of a life story (usually on one topic), this will be a family legacy to be passed down generations and a great communal gift to (grand)parents.

Prices - from £749

There are 2 types of films to choose from a ‘Highlight Reel’ film (4 hours) and a ‘Life Story’ film (12 hours split over two days).


We start with a family questionaire followed by a phone or skype call. This way we can get to know each other a bit before the filmshoot and storyboard the day or the topic for the 'Life Story' session.


For the 2-3min 'Highlight Reel' session I will mainly observe the activities that are happening. To make a complete story in the edit I might ask you to do a few little things here and there. With the 'Life Story' film I will do a sit down interview and we will do normal everyday activities or activities that will support the story. I might observe, ask questions and sometimes ask you to do certain things to help me tell your story the best possible way.


After the session I will edit your film and it will include Royalty Free licenced music. The editing will take some time. Within 4-5 weeks you will have your 2-3min film and the 'Life Story' film will take about 8-10weeks to finish.


Your kind words


“We had a family photoshoot with Saskia in Scadbury Nature Reserve. It was such a lovely experience for all of us. My husband had reservations about it, but really enjoyed himself and didn’t find it awkward at all, which he had been worried about. Photos are absolute stunning, relaxed, informal and tell a story, just what we wanted. Thoroughly recommend her!”
– Satu & Danny, Chislehurst, Bromley –


“We spent a very fun and relaxing morning together with Saskia whilst she made beautiful photos of our little family. She captured our 5 week old baby exactly as she is: crying, feeding, milk drunk, sleeping.. We are very happy that we captured a day in our family life, these are amazing memories of the early days together as a new family that we will cherish forever”.
– Vera & Xiao, Bromley London –

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