My Journey of Creating an Inclusive Photography Business

Jul 1, 2024

In today’s world, where diversity and inclusion are more critical than ever, it’s essential to find a business that not only recognizes these values but actively embraces them. As a professional photographer and filmmaker, I’m dedicated to creating an environment where you feel affirmed, included, and celebrated, no matter your skin colour, gender identity, sexuality, age, religion, or disability. My mission is to provide services that make you feel safe and accepted just as you are.

Two moms playing with their child in the park showing the everyday life of a LGBTQI+ family in London.

Embracing Diversity Through Inclusive Photography

Photography is a powerful art form; it captures moments, tells stories, and preserves memories. However, not everyone has historically seen themselves represented in this art. Representation in photography is crucial because it helps to validate and empower individuals and communities.

When you see people who look like you, share your experiences, and celebrate your traditions in professional art, it fosters a sense of belonging and acceptance. It tells you that your story is important and worth being seen. This can be particularly powerful for marginalized groups who have historically been underrepresented or misrepresented in media and art.

Representation matters, and I want you to see yourself in my work. I really want my business to reflect my beliefs by ensuring my portfolio reflects the diverse community I serve.

Two dads reading a book with their son is an example of inclusive LGBQI+ friendly family photography.

The Importance of LGBTQI+ Representation

To begin this journey, I recently conducted a model call specifically for LGBTQI+ families. The response was overwhelming. I photographed three families, of which some of the photos are in this blog post. We do not see enough LGBTQI+ families represented in our media and society. And in my small way I want to contribute to making it more visible and part of our societies storytelling. Every family deserves to have its story told and celebrated!

Two moms lying on the bed with their son in London is an example of my inclusive and LGBTQI+ friendly family photography business.

Celebrating Cultural Diversity

My own family is a beautiful blend of cultures. I am Dutch, my husband is Nigerian, and our two children have a rich, culturally diverse background. Living in London, I am constantly inspired by the city’s incredible cultural diversity, and I take immense pride in the cultural diversity of my own family.

Watching my kids grow up surrounded by such cultural richness means the world to me. I want them to embrace the parts of their heritage that resonate with them and let go of those that don’t serve them. My husband and I have different views on parenting, religion, and politics, and while it isn’t always easy (even hard at times), we make it work by respecting each other’s differences. I hope our children will find their own path, keeping an open mind to different perspectives, and always prioritizing humanity and equality above all else – values that I believe our family embodies.

My next goal within my business is to expand my portfolio to include a broad spectrum of cultural traditions and celebrations. From Bar Mitzvahs to Chinese New Year, from the shaving of a child’s head at their first birthday to Diwali festivities, I want to honour and document the rich tapestry of customs that make our world so wonderfully diverse. And above all by creating a diverse portfolio I want you to feel welcome and safe when you come across my website or my work online.

Running an inclusive photography business that is a safe space for everyone is a continuous journey of learning, empathy, and action. By actively working to include and celebrate all identities and cultures, I hope to create not just beautiful images, but a lasting impact that promotes understanding and acceptance.

If you’re looking for an inclusive photography business who celebrates diversity, I’d be honoured to work with you. Let’s capture your story in a way that makes you feel seen, heard, and celebrated just as you are.

Feel free to reach out to discuss your unique vision and how we can bring it to life together. Everyone is welcome here, and I can’t wait to create something beautiful with you.


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