How to Handle Rain During Your Family Photo Session

Jul 3, 2024

As a documentary family photographer, one of the most common concerns I hear from parents is the fear of the “what-ifs.” What if the kids don’t cooperate? What if the weather is bad? The fact of the matter is that family sessions aren’t always smooth sailing… in fact, more often than not, something goes differently than you might have expected. One of the biggest “what-ifs” is the worry that it might rain during your session.

But here’s the secret: the beauty of family photography lies in the unexpected.

The Magic of Rain During Your Family Photo Session

Rain doesn’t have to ruin your family photo session. In fact, it can add a unique and beautiful element to your photos that sunny days simply can’t provide. Imagine the joy of your children jumping in puddles, the intimacy of snuggling under an umbrella, or the pure, candid moments of laughter as you all get a little wet. These are the memories that stand out and bring your family photos to life.

I recently had an absolutely awesome family photo session where we got caught in the rain. It reminded me that beauty is in the unexpected. It was one of those unforeseen moments that turned into a highlight. Who would normally whip out a camera when you’re being drenched? Yet, those are precisely the moments that are so fun to capture and look back on. The raindrops added a whimsical touch, and the family’s genuine reactions created some of the most authentic and heartfelt images.

How To Rain During Your Family Photo Session

If you’re thinking of scheduling a session but worried that things won’t go according to plan, you’re probably right… but you don’t need to worry. Rolling with what life gives you is part of the job, and finding the beauty in your (imperfect) everyday is my secret superpower.

Here are a few ways to embrace the “what-if it rains” during family photography:

  1. Indoor Sessions: If the weather is truly uncooperative, indoor sessions can be just as magical. Your home provides a personal and comfortable backdrop that tells your family’s unique story. We can capture candid moments of you baking cookies, reading stories, or playing games together. Read my blog post about indoor family sessions here.
  2. Puddle Jumping Fun: Rain offers a fantastic opportunity for some playful and energetic photos. Dress the kids in their favorite rain boots and let them splash around. The joy and laughter in these moments are priceless.
  3. Captured in the Rain: Sometimes, the best photos happen in the middle of the rain. The way the light hits the droplets, the shine of wet streets, and the fun of getting caught in an unexpected downpour can result in some truly wonderful images. Plus, it’s a great story to tell and remember.
  4. Postponing with Flexibility: If you have your heart set on an outdoor session with clear skies, we can always reschedule. However, as you can see, it’s not necessary to postpone your session just because of a little rain. There is so much beauty to be found in all kinds of weather.

Finding Beauty in the Everyday

Ultimately, family photography is about capturing the essence of your family’s life together, no matter what the weather brings. The imperfect moments, the unexpected twists, and the genuine interactions are what make your photos truly special. So, don’t let the fear of “what-if it rains” hold you back. Embrace whatever comes your way, and trust that we can create beautiful, memorable images together.

Ready to book your session? Send me a message to embrace the unexpected and create something beautiful together!

By approaching your family photo session with an open mind and a sense of adventure, you’ll not only relieve your worries but also discover the magic in life’s little surprises.


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