I am so excited for you to be here. Let me tell you what this gift can get you and don’t forget to activate your voucher. 


You enjoy the little things in life and you know that they are actually the important ones. You believe in the simple pleasures of life: your family, friends, love and laughter. 


You do not like to pose or pretend during a photo shoot, which will make you or anyone else in the family feel uncomfortable (especially the introverts).


You want to remember what your family felt like, not what they looked like. The connection, emotions and everyone's individual personalities.


You treasure the photos of your children, but as the family photo-taker you are rarely in them yourself.


You are not interested in everyone looking pristine and your home looking perfect, but you care about real stories and memories.

Child picking book during a family photography session in Rochester Kent

“Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ― Mary Oliver

Mother and daughter laughing and tickling during a family photography photo shoot in Rochester Kent


I am Saskia and specialise in creative documentary family photography, which celebrates real moments in your everyday life. I’ll create images that will capture the true personality of each individual and show the magic in your family.


I believe that the small everyday moments matter and therefore photos with me are unposed.


I believe that every emotion is valid and you cannot shock me with anything. Therefore, you or your children do not have to behave any different then how you feel in that specific moment. No filter is needed for your family to be perfect.


I believe that everyone has a story that should be told. And that you, as the photo taker, should be in your own family visual history. Your unique story matters.


I believe that photographs are the greatest gift you can give your children. For them to see their memories reflected back at them.

“The little things? The Little Moments? They aren’t little”
– Jon Kabat-Zinn


Amazing images


“I felt slightly apprehensive as to how natural we could be as a family knowing a camera was present! I needn’t have worried. From the moment Saskia arrived she put us very much at ease. We didn’t have to ignore her as I thought we might but rather just include her in our afternoon. She was particularly great with my 2 children answering all their inquisitive questions!”
– Joanne & Stuart 


“There were so many beautiful shots that really captured the essence of our family. We couldn’t have been more pleased and would not hesitate to recommend Saskia in the slightest. She worked some magic and turned an ordinary Saturday afternoon into an extraordinary one. Giving us beautiful memories to treasure.”
-Joanne & Stuart 



Schedule Your Session

In order to reserve a date, you will sign a standard portrait agreement and pay a session fee of £150,-. We will do a call to plan your session and we will come up with some ideas that you as a family enjoy doing together and want to bottle up as memories.  I will have another video chat before the photoshoot with the whole family present, so that I am not a complete stranger when I enter your home or meet you at your favourite outdoor location. 


Your Session Itself

The photo session takes 3 hours but I always ask families to book out 4 hours in your diary as it is always good to stay flexible, especially with children. I promise you that it will not be uncomfortable for you. I will be a part of your day, not a silent observer. See me as a friend who is coming along in your everyday small and big adventures. I will focus on the connection and love there is between all of you and capture all your individual personalities. 


The Fun Part!

Within 2 weeks of your session, you’ll receive an email from me letting you know that your photos are ready. Get some popcorn and make yourselves comfy to watch a wonderful slideshow of your own slice of life. In the next 24 hours you’ll choose a collection. Each collection exists of digitals and print credit. The print credit can be spent in your gallery store where you can buy products, including loose fine art prints, framed wall art or a photo album. 


They are wonderful


“My husband had reservations about it, but really enjoyed himself and didn’t find it awkward at all, which he had been worried about.

Photos are absolute stunning, relaxed, informal and tell a story, just what we wanted.

” – Satu & Danny


Excellent service from a wonderful photographer, delivered exactly what was required on the day, put everyone at ease and worked quietly behind the scenes taking beautiful unintrusive images of the event, really documenting this family occasion in a rather unique way. It brought a special angle to Mum’s birthday. All the little details were captured, side conversations, glances, unguarded moments…all wonderfully preserved! “. – Isaac


The below sessions price is for the photoshoot itself and doesn’t include any images. You can choose a collection after your session which includes digital files and print credit to be used in your gallery store.

Adventure Session

Family photograph with the dog running ahead on the path in Hayes Common

What's included?

This is a relaxed and fun photo session where I capture a little part of your family’s day. I will capture your ordinary and show you how extraordinary it really is. 


Welcome Guide


Family Questionnaire


Pre photo session (video) call


3 hour family shoot


Photo Collections

After you’ve had your photo session, and have received your slideshow, you choose one of these collections.
What you’re going to do with your images is perhaps the most important aspect to consider when you’re planning for a photo session, but it’s all too often the aspect that’s overlooked… all that time and money invested deserve a better return than photos gathering dust on a hard drive somewhere. You’ll never get the same feeling looking at your photos on a screen as you will seeing them on your wall or flipping through the pages of an album, so I include a substantial print credit with every collection.

Family Heirloom

Boy standing in front of yellow flowers


This is the luxury package, and is for those who really want to cherish all the details of their lives. With this print credit you can get for example a really beautiful photo album. 


All digital high-res photos


Digital photo slideshow


£300,- Print Credit usable on anything in your gallery store


The Storyteller


With this package you could choose for example a stunning piece of wall art. It also gives you the most special moments of your session as digital files to keep as an heirloom.


35 Digital High-Res Photos


£150,- Print Credit usable on anything in your gallery store


Special Moments


I believe in the power of printing your photographs, therefore each package comes with print credit to use in the store gallery. This print credit can get you for example a beautiful fine art print of archival quality.


15 Digital high-res photos


£50,- Print Credit usable on anything in your gallery store


Next step to take

I'm Saskia

Every family deserves a visual legacy

I specialise in creative documentary family photography, which celebrates real moments in your everyday life.

I want to see your quiet, your chaos, your love, your life. Together, we will make pictures that make you say:

This is Us.

Bookings will open October 1st 2023. 

Personal Branding photograph for a cake maker based in Dulwich London.
Personal Branding photograph for a cake maker based in Dulwich London.

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