Using music during your brand photo session

Feb 1, 2024

I used music with motivational speaker Alex Panayotou’s brand photo session and captured her as she was dancing and singing. The photos where we used music really capture her fun, energetic and light-hearted side of her personality. It was a way for ger to move freely, have fun and forget about the camera. I believe I photograph feelings and energy, and a great way to change or amplify those feelings is through music and movement.

Benefits of listening to music during your brand photo session

Listening to music during your branding photo session has lots of benefits. Here are a few of them:

  • Music can help you get in the right mood. The mood that fits your brand; melancholic, sexy, happy etc.
  • Music will help you forget your nerves about being in front of the camera.
  • Dancing together (yep I will dance with you!) to the music will also help you feel more comfortable in your body and help you deal with any anxiety about poses or where to put your hands.
  • Music helps to get your personality across in your images, making them more dynamic.

Music playlist to build confidence

You can also start listening to music before your brand photo session. To help you build up your confidence by listening to empowering music. Therefore I’ve created a Spotify playlist, carefully curated to boost your spirits, set the mood, and make you feel AMAZING about yourself!

Featuring incredible artists like Roisin Murphy, Florence + The Machine, Ayo, Fia, and Lizzo, this playlist is full of empowering lyrics that will have you dancing with unshakable confidence.

On the day of the photo session I will bring my portable speaker and we play the confidence boosting playlist or the music that you love, whether that’s 80s music, hip hop or French chansons. Music is a tool to help you and it is a great one to make use of. Whether you’re preparing for your brand photo session or need that extra boost while infront of the camera. Music will help you channel your inner superstar.

Motivational speaker laughing confidently at the camera during brand photography session with the help of music.

Let’s embark on a creative adventure together to tell your business story and show your personality through my lens. You can get in touch HERE and we will arrange that first initial chat to see if I am the right fit for your branding photos. I definitely can’t wait to dance, sing and create with you!


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