Portrait photos at Sunset Studios in Peckham

Feb 6, 2024

My portrait photography session with motivational speaker Alex Panayotou was nothing short of exhilarating. Not only because Alex is just absolutely wonderful to work with, but it was also the first time for me to photograph at Sunset Studios in Peckham, London. The studio’s vibe perfectly fitted Alex’s personal brand.

What drew me to Sunset Studios was its enchanting natural light. The large warehouse style windows flood the space with an abundance of sunlight. It can create such beautiful patterns of light on the wall and floor, and create a dreamy and warm atmosphere for our portrait session. There were moments when the light was almost too intense. So, we did have to get creative, and use see through sheets in front of the windows to filter the sun.

Portrait photography session at Sunset Studios in Peckham with motivational speaker looking out of warehouse style window.

Apart from the light I really loved the warmth and texture of the wooden floor, which was a nice contrast to the bare walls. We played with the expansive windows, the textured walls, and a grey Colorama to create diverse backdrops for Alex’s portraits. The versatility of the studio allowed me to experiment and capture a range of different backdrops, using available props like chairs and plants.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Sunset Studio is also a great practical choice. The studio is situated conveniently close to Peckham Rye train station and there is an elevator to make the studio accessible. There are lots of food places around in Peckham, but the studio is also equipped with a kitchenette for a hot drink. The studio also has its own bathroom and a high-quality clothing steamer ensured comfort throughout the photo session.

Portrait of a motivational speaker at Sunset Studios in Peckham, London

I look forward to returning to Sunset Studios for future sessions. I would also love to try the other studios they offer. And I would absolutely recommend Kay Korsh from Mind Over Fashion to help you with your clothing styling as she styled Alex on the day and was absolutely the best I’ve worked with.

Are you thinking that portraits in a studio would be best for your brand? Contact me to start that conversation or check out this blog post: What location should I use for my brand photos? to start thinking about what location fits you and your business best.


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