The importance of being in your family photos.

Jan 1, 2023

Being in your family photos is important! I often hear people, mainly women, tell me that they are worried that they will look awful in the photos. That I should just only take the picture of their children, or if I can avoid their arms because they are not happy with the roundness of them. So here I am telling you, you are perfect, truly perfect!

In the Netherlands I went sometimes to the sauna, and I loved seeing people’s bodies. All the different shapes, all of them just absolutely beautiful!

“Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.”
― Mallory Hopkins

A family photo with myself in it where I think I look too big, but now I love having it as a legacy of myself and for my child.

But I do not feel beautiful…

I completely understand this feeling, as I do not always feel beautiful myself. Not long ago, I all of a sudden felt so self-conscious about all the weight I have put on. And when I saw the above photo of myself, I felt surprised that I was so ‘big’. It was the first thing I saw. So, I tried to look further and looked at my beaming smile, the arms of my child wrapped around me looking so happy.
I love that photo. I love myself in it even thought my first thoughts were negative ones. I am so happy it exists. I want to be in photos to say, ‘yes I was here too’. I want to consciously tell myself that this body I have is perfect, even though I might not always feel that way. To be in front of the camera as an act of self-love.

A family photo with a mother hiding behind garage door.
My grandmother hiding behind the garage door, because she did not like the way she looked. Read the conversation on Instagram when I posted about this there.

You are wanted in your family photos

My aunty shared this old family photo with me, and she told me about my grandmother who would always hide her body in photos. Standing behind a chair and in this case hiding behind a garage door.

I did not know this about her.

Her head peeking out looks quite comical, but now knowing why she does this it also becomes painful and sad. I would have loved to see her! I would have wished her to accept and love her body.

I want to share this here, as a reminder that you are wanted in these photos. As a granddaughter I want her in these images. Her full glorious self.

Be in your family’s visual history

So, please do not stop yourself from being in any photos because you think you will look awful. Even if it is perhaps hard now (and being photographed can feel painful), know that you are giving a great gift to your loved ones (and ultimately yourself too!) by showing up as your perfectly imperfect self.

Take that power and be a part of your visual history. Smile even if you do NOT have any teeth at all.

I also wrote a blog about how important the photos are that I have of my father, who died when I was 4, which you might like to read here, and which will hopefully encourage you to step into those family photos.

Are you ready to be a part of your family’s visual history? Then I can help you create photos that will make you say ‘This is Us!’ Give your (grand)kids family photos with YOU in them too! I’m based in South London but happy to travel. Give me a call on 07500702577 or fill out my contact form.


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