Hello, I Am Saskia

A few things you need to know about me. 


Beauty in the everyday

I have always been interested in other places, other cultures and other people. I studied Cultural Anthropology. Followed by a master in Documentary Filmmaking, so that I can tell peoples stories in a visual way.

Photos and films are the keepers of memories. I know first hand how important pictures are. When my dad died I was four years old. Those photographs of us together are my actual memories and I cherish them up until this day. You can read more about why I started my business here.

son squeezing mother's face
Mother and son making a self-portrait



You really cherish your children's photographs, but you don't have many pictures of yourself with the kids or as a family together.


You don't like posing, as you feel this will be awkward and make you and the whole family feel uncomfortable. You want the photoshoot to be a relaxed and fun experience.


You believe that there is beauty in the ordinary moments. When you see your pictures you want to look at real memories and adventures.


You are not interested in everyone looking perfect and pristine. What matters to you is what your family feels like. The connections, love, funny jokes, the emotions. You want the photos to show everyone's unique personality.


When I am not taking pictures or making films

My life sometimes feels pretty chaotic, but my aim is to see the beauty in all that it brings me. To accept myself and not mind how my body has changed after giving birth and as it gets older. I want to create meaningful relationships with the people around me and enjoy my time with the people I love.

Things that give me pleasure are: being at home in Bromley, London with a good book. Going on little outdoor adventures with my son to collect leaves and other treasures, or drinking hot chocolate with my friends. I also love to travel to The Netherlands to see my family and friends. 

Shadow selfie on the grass with daisies

“The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself”
- Henry Miller -



I believe that...


Every time I look at the pictures I've taken of my little love I see how time flies. From the moment my little love was born I have needed to slowly let him go. I remember that in the beginning I barely even put him down and since then it has been a gradual process of releasing each other towards more and more independence. And I love how photographs have bottled up these different stages.


I tell stories. The story of you. The stories of your family or your business. The power is in telling what is real and what truly makes your business or family unique. Everyone is perfectly imperfect. It is important to take those pictures, don't let yourself be stopped thinking your hair will look better another day, the house is too messy this very moment. With photos there is no better time than the present.


Photographs are the greatest gifts you can give your children. They will see their childhood, the love that was there, what their house was like and the places they loved to visit.  Often there is one parent who takes most of the photos. So do make sure you are in the pictures with your children. They will love seeing you in them.

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