Advent calendar for family fun

Oct 13, 2021

Advent is a time to prepare for Christmas and to start the countdown. It is a time to shine a light in the darkness and to reflect on the past year. It is also a wonderful time to build in moments of being together. So that it does not all depend on that one Christmas Day, when usually you are too busy to really connect. Advent is about creating a cosy time as a family while the days are darker and colder.

I’ve been meaning to make an Advent Calendar for my little one these past two years and I finally did it. If like me, you value experiences, then I am sure you will love the advent calendar I made.

Each day there is an activity idea to do as a family. For example, a dance party to cheesy Christmas tunes, making a Christmas painting together, baking Dutch ‘pepernoten’ cookies (with a recipe included!) and much more. Most of these activities do not take too long, but they will definitely provide lots of family fun and connection.

Advent and Christmas is the time to connect as a family, like by decorating the Christmas Tree together with your children.

This advent calendar also includes a Christmas gift from me to you! With my gift you will hopefully have photos of family traditions and rituals on your walls, where they belong. Instead of wilting away on a computer.

P.S. I want to emphasise that I am so excited about you downloading my advent calendar. Especially if you are wanting to incorporate these family experiences. But equally if the season is already feeling busy (which is completely relatable) then please just pick a few ideas you like and incorporate them into your December. Do not feel like you have to do something each day, if that would add any pressure to you. You can of course also opt for a chocolate or picture calendar. This picture advent calendar for example looks so beautiful and will be equally lovely for your child(ren).


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