Christmas photography scavenger hunt for kids and their grown-ups

Nov 17, 2020

This Christmas photography scavenger hunt is a fun activity for your child or for their grown-ups(!) to do during this Christmas holiday. With this photo scavenger hunt your child(ren) can find things and scenes that represent this time of year.

Child with a camera taking photographs during a Christmas scavenger hunt in Bromley London.

When taking photographs you start to look at things around you differently and in a more mindful way. It can be wonderful to pay attention throughout the day and to seek out the prompts as you go about your usual routine. To capture these small and beautiful moments and things in photograph.

Child taking a photograph for a Christmas photography scavenger hunt game in Bromley, London

These prompts can also be used for starting up conversations with your child. Or you can ponder about them yourself and find out more about what is important to you during this time of year and in your family traditions. What comes to your mind or your child’s mind when reading these prompts?

The photography scavenger hunt will definitely be a fun activity for the children and will let them use their free time creatively this holiday. It can also help you, their grown-up, to create meaningful photos of the festive season. To look at what is around you with some more care. And above all if you do this together with your child, then it can be a fabulous and fun bonding experience between the two of you.

When using your mobile phone to take photos, then do read these mobile photography tips.

Do share your creations with me on Instagram of Facebook and tag me with @portrayyourstory in your posts or stories. I would love to cheer you all on and get this little peek into your wonderful world.


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