Your family photography experience will go like this…

Dec 10, 2021

Photo of a mom carrying her child on her back during a family photography session in Reigate near London.

As your family photographer I want to give you and your family the best possible photography experience. This includes making you and your family feel comfortable with me before I come into your home. And to making sure that afterwards you will make the most of your photos by printing them.

In this blog post I will walk you through each step of your family photography experience. This way there are no surprises along the way. You will know exactly what to expect from me, so that it will be a very smooth, fun and relaxed experience.

Family Questionnaire

Having me photograph your family will start with a family questionnaire. This way I will learn about your personalities and what you love doing together as a family. The questionnaire will help me get the documentary shots that will be the most meaningful to you and your family.

So, if for example, you tell me that your eldest is at the age where he soon might not like to cuddle, then I will make sure to keep my eye out on those moments of affection.

Family photography to capture candid moments in London, Surrey and Kent for a fun and relaxed experience.

A Pre-Photoshoot Family Video Call

This is so important, especially for the shy, introverted and reluctant. This is a moment for us to get to know each other. By doing a video call I will not feel like a complete stranger when I enter your home.

To get photos full of emotion, intimate moments and personality everyone needs to feel safe and comfortable. So, the call is a moment for us to start establishing some trust. During the call everyone can ask me any questions they might have. It is also a moment to laugh and connect, so that you all will feel much happier with me on the day of the photo session.

The Family Photo Session

I will come to your home for a minimum of 3 hours and capture all the magic and love that is in your beautiful every day. I will photograph all the small mannerisms of your children and details of your family life. You will have photos with moments that are meaningful to you and everyone’s personality will shine through.

Some moments previous families wanted capturing are bath time, baking pancakes, reading at bedtime and jumping all together on the trampoline. I will photograph all the moments, rituals, and traditions that you’d love to remember.

Your candid family photography experience will include me capturing all the details of family life.

Photo Editing Magic

This is the moment where you sit back (for maximum 2 weeks), while I work hard to hand edit all your photos. My editing style looks very natural, so that your photos will not look dated and unrealistic. They will be your own bespoke artwork to look at for generations to come.

Image Reveal Day

One of the things I really like to do is have my families see all of their images for the first time in the form of a beautiful slideshow set to music*. Call it strange, but my artist self loves the idea of your family making a real event of it: sitting together on the sofa cuing up the slideshow on the TV biggest screen in your home, and reliving the experience all over again (just through my lens this time). I really think that this shared moment adds so much joy to the whole photo experience.

*The slideshow will be available for 24hrs after you’ve pressed the link I send you. So do make sure you press the link when you have made time to watch it, as the slideshow is there to help you choose a Collection once the 24hrs is over.

These are some of the images from the Adventure session with the Pocock Family. I left out many of the bath time in regards to their privacy.

Your Photos to Keep and Cherish

Once you have watched the slideshow you choose a collection. A collection includes digital files and print credit.

I am very big on having your photos printed. Otherwise, you will capture all these wonderful memories and you will not look at them again. If you do not print your images your memories will live only on your computer instead of being enjoyed by you.

The print credit can be used in the store gallery. This gives you the opportunity to really choose something you find beautiful. I offer different products in your gallery store, these include: loose deckled prints, framed wall art and really beautiful photo albums.

So do not wait with bottling up these special family moments. Let’s chat about your own family photography experience! Book an enquire call now. So that we can get your family memories on your walls and in your photo albums to cherish and keep.


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