Newborn / baby photographer in Bromley, London

Aug 28, 2020

I love photographing newborns! When a baby is born a family comes into being and it is one of the most beautiful things to witness. The early days are not always easy, but they are so precious and before you know it, they have passed. So, with my photography I aim to capture this special time in your lives. For especially the first year in your child’s life goes so fast. Pictures can help bring back all the feelings and memories of this fleeting time. 

Photograph of a crying newborn being comforted in mothers' arms during a newborn photography session in Bromley.

It is preserving those real memories that are important to me as a photographer and human being. When it comes to newborn photography you won’t find babies posed in strange positions on blankets with me. I capture your life with your brand-new baby just as it is, long feeds, cuddles, a small outing, cries, and just a lot of love. The true moments are what you want to remember about this time, that can seem like a blur when it has passed.

I spent a wonderful morning with this family and their 5-week-old baby. With my camera, I try to seek out your personal story. And with this beautiful family, I saw a story of how both parents support each other and find this new balance together.

The photo session isn’t about a tidy home, the clothes you wear, perfect poses. No, it is about your wonderful every day. You, your baby, family, and life are beautiful as it is! And I am sure that your children once old, will appreciate seeing photographs of themselves and their family that are honest, true, and beautiful. 

Photograph of father kissing his baby while cooking in Bromley during a photoshoot.

I am so grateful for every family who lets me into their beautiful, messy, love filled lives. And in this instance a big thank you to Vera and Xiao for letting me get a glimpse of your beautiful family! I felt so much love and care in your home

If you would like more information about my newborn photography then have a look here.


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