5 must-listen to podcasts for parents

Sep 15, 2021

London parent listening to podcast while child sleeps in pram

The title ‘podcasts for parents’ might be a bit misleading. You might be expecting me to give you podcasts that will help you improve your parenting. But instead, I will give you some of my favourite podcasts to listen to that have all types of interesting topics. We are so much more than parents, and it is important to feed our wider interests too. It can be so easy to forget about ourselves. To put our children’s needs first, especially as parents of young children.

I love listening to podcasts. It is one of my favourite spare-time activities. It started when I still had to sit beside my little one’s bed waiting for him to fall asleep (the things we do as parents hey). Listening to podcasts made those hours less frustrating.

Anyway, my love for podcasts (and my little one 😉) still remains and I listen to them when I cook, in the bath and even sometimes when I fall asleep.

So, this is a list of podcasts for parents who need a parenting break :D.

Authentic family portrait of a child crying in the pram while parent tries to console her.

Podcasts for parents 1: Heavyweight by Jonathan Goldstein

Jonathan helps people reconcile with things from their past that they wish they could have changed. The show is beautiful with so many tender moments. It is a show that deals with heavy subjects. However, it is not a heavy listen, due to Jonathan’s dry sense of humour. He always makes me laugh.

Podcasts for parents 2: Where should we begin? By Esther Perel

Step into couple’s therapist Esther Perel’s office and listen to real couples discuss their stories of infidelity, sexlessness, loss and many other topics. I love this podcast as it is wonderful to hear people speak about ‘forbidden’ topics and to understand the intricacies. It somehow makes me feel less alone in my own feelings and ‘problems’.

Parent listening to podcasts while doing the dishes and carrying her young child on her back.
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Podcasts for parents 3: My lost family by Danny Ben-Moshe

am a documentary filmmaker at heart and I therefore love a good audio documentary as well. This podcast series is about Danny’s family. It is about his mother, Gillian, who had two children by Raymond when she was 16 year. One day he takes their children to the local park. But he never returns. This podcast to me is not only interesting because you want to know what happened to the two lost children. But to me it is was so interesting and painful to hear, how this event has hurt the whole family and how the trauma is past down generationally.

Podcasts for parents 4: Super Soul Sunday by Oprah Winfrey

As a teenager I always watched the Oprah Winfrey show. If you did as well, then I am sure you will like her podcast too. Oprah speaks with top thinkers, authors and teachers, and I always take away some nuggets of wisdom and encouragement.

Podcasts for parents 5: West Cork by Sam Bungey and Jennifer Forde

This is a true-crime podcast and explores the unsolved murder of a French woman in West Cork, Ireland. It is really well made and I love how it feels like you are a part of the journalists team as they explore the murder. It deals with everything in a really thorough and sensitive way, which I appreciated.

Family photograph of a mother doing the dishes while child is sleeping on her back.
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I hope these podcasts will give you hours of listening joy…especially to any parent that is rocking their child to sleep, feeding their crying baby, or hiding in a toilet to get a few minutes of alone time.

Do you have any podcasts that you can recommend? I would love to get some tips from you!


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