A Greener Footprint: Making A Positive Impact

Feb 1, 2021

One thing that worries me the most is global warming. I am concerned about how we treat this world and in what state we leave it to our children. I look at my little love and wonder if the place he will inhabit shall be safe. The way our beautiful earth is heating up, in such a fast pace, is not normal. I sometimes feel helpless, as governments and big corporations are so slow to make important changes for the better.

I have always had the need for my work to have a positive impact on the people around me. That is why for many years I filmed and created films for charities like The Salvation Army and Endometriosis UK. Now that I have my own business, I want to continue to support projects that make this world a better place. And this is how I am doing that:

A photo of a hand lying on grass to support the text about my photography and film business having a greener footprint.

A Green Business

I desperately want to leave a better world for the next generation, so I registered my business with Ecologi. So far, my donation has planted 250 trees and has supported a clean energy project in Uganda. I know this will not stop this climate crisis. However, doing something makes me feel a whole lot better and a lot less helpless.

I also have a feeling that the people who will hire me as their photographer or filmmaker will appreciate this about my business. That it will make them happy that by hiring me they support a business that tries to leave a positive impact and has a greener footprint.

Photo of a picnic in the park to support my text about the importance of my photography and film business having a greener impact and supporting the environment.

A Greener Personal Footprint

On a personal level me and my family try to be conscious as much as we can. Our household gets green energy from Bulb. We do not buy cows meat; hang dry our clothing and we are saving up for a hybrid car. I do feel like there is so much more I can and should be doing. So, I would really love to hear what ways you try to reduce your impact on this world!

How do you feel about global warming? And what are your tips for having a greener footprint? Do let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Anja

    Sustainability and trying to be kinder to our planet is something I really want to put more effort in. I don’t have dairy (oat milk is a great alternative), I have a keep cup for to-go coffees, we use our own shopping bags and there are probably a few more things we do that are just so normal now that they don’t feel special anymore. But that’s the goal, isn’t it? To make the fact that we care about the environment a normal thing and not something that we need to force ourselves to.

    • Portray Your Story

      You are so right that it is about changing your habits and that these greener ways then become normal to us. I would love to reduce my plastic usage…but I do struggle with that I notice. Like you, me and my son also drink oat milk, and now we do not even enjoy normal milk anymore. I do try with the shopping bags as well, but sometimes I still have to buy a horrible plastic one as I bought more than I had expected…

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