The benefits of personal branding photography

Mar 24, 2021

Personal branding photography are photographs of you and your business, so that you can show your work and create a personal and meaningful connections with your clients. It will portray your personality, the places and things you love and give a behind the scenes of your business.

Personal branding photography can give you and your business lots of benefits. And in this blog, I am planning to give you a few.

Happy smiling creative woman enjoying the sunshine during a personal branding photography shoot to help her business stand out.

Benefit 1: Brand photos save you time

Do you struggle with taking good photos and does it take you a long time to create images for your social media? When you have a library of personal images at hand it will save you lots of time. You don’t have to spend hours faffing about with the camera trying to take pictures, editing them endlessly or thinking too long about what to post. When you have lots of wonderful photos to post, then you will be able to show up more consistently on social media.

Benefit 2: Branding photography makes you more visible

People browsing social media are more likely to stop scrolling when they see beautiful and unique photographs. When they stop to look at your images then you are more able to have them read what you have to say. It is so important to show yourself. People are attracted to stories, relationships and like to buy from a person they like and connect with. You are your business!

Benefit 3: Brand photography boosts your confidence

Another benefit of doing a personal branding photoshoot is that it will boost your self-confidence! Yes, you are beautiful! It is also a gift that you give yourself. It is a celebration of what you have accomplished so far and will give you a boost to take the next steps in your business.

Benefit 4: Personal brand photography builds trust

Professional and unique photos help to build trust. It shows that you take your business seriously and that what you offer is of good quality. It helps you stand out from the crowd!

Benefits of personal branding photography are many, one is showing your personality like this joyful businesswoman chasing a bird during her photo session.

But why not use stock photography for your business?

Stock images are great, but there are definitely negative sides to only using those. Stock images often lack a personal touch. People like to know you and what you are about, they like to buy from people. Stock photography can be unauthentic and dare I say boring at times and will not help you set your business apart from other similar businesses.

The most important benefit of personal branding photography is that you set yourself apart. You create a genuine connection with your clients, and you build trust with professional and good quality photographs. Your products and services will be valued and rated to a much higher standard if you have good images to go with it.

I have a helpful article on what to think about before booking your brand photography session.

Do let me know in a comment below which benefits of personal branding photography you look forward to most!


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