What to think about before booking a brand photoshoot?

Dec 15, 2020

Booking a brand photoshoot can be quite daunting and, in this blogpost, I want to help you with choosing the right photographer for you. I will also help you by asking you some important questions, which you should be able to answer before booking your brand photography session. As answering these questions will help you get the images you will love and need.

An artist looking through her journal during a personal branding photography session in Dulwich Park in London.

How to choose the right photographer

First of all, it is important to pick the right photographer for YOU. Have a good look at their portfolio and make sure you like their photography style. When you find a photographer, who’s style you like, then it is always a good idea to have a chat over the phone. It is much easier this way to see if you want to work together and make sure you have a good feeling about him or her. A good branding photographer will also help you answer some important questions about you and your business. Some of the questions to ask yourself are below. These will help you to really get the photographs you need and that the pictures will reflect you and your business.

Relaxed and natural photograph of a photographer during her brand photoshoot.

Questions to ask yourself before booking a brand photoshoot?

Before arranging a photoshoot, I think it is important that you think about a few questions. To help you, have a look at the following ones:

How would you describe your (art)work?

– What gives you inspiration for your (art)work? (e.g. places, objects etc?)

– Which activities or things do you enjoy?

– What story do you want to share with your photographs?

– Which feelings would you like to communicate?

– What are you planning to do with your photos? Is it for social media, your website, or printed materials?

Answering these questions can really help you understand what it is you want from the photoshoot and for which purpose you want to create them.

It is important to tell a story with the photographs you will have. A behind the scenes story about how you make your products or where you get your inspiration from. Ultimately you want images that are honest and show who you are and what you are passionate about.

Joyful photo of creative business owner during a personal branding photography session in South-East London.

Have a look at my Instagram account to see the type of work I create and do feel free to contact me for a chat. I am here to help you. I would love to go on this fun and creative journey with you for your business. To help you take those vital next steps! To help you tell your story and connect you with customers who will love you for it.


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