Family Photography Session in Rochester, Kent

Oct 6, 2020

I had a wonderful family photography session in Rochester, Kent with Mercy, Chris and their two kids. This lovely family booked me for two extra hours to create a Half-Day in a Life Photography session. This way we could do an even wider range of activities and really show what family life is like for them.

Photo of a child who is afraid for a dog passing by taken during a family photography shoot in Rochester Kent

The above photo made me smile and to me it shows what being a mom is all about. Her daughter doesn’t like dogs and I somehow love how this captures the moment. How she seeks her mom to keep her safe. One day she will not press herself against her mom’s legs anymore like this. These are truly little memories caught on camera. And this also really shows what I love about documentary family photography. It is about capturing personalities and real stories!

This family chose to go to a cafe in Rochester, Kent and to enjoy the lovely high street. But we also captured boisterous kids in the back of the car, quiet moments reading at home and many more wonderful moments. I created a slideshow with some of the images I took during this photo shoot. I hope that this will give you a good idea on what a family photography session with me looks and feels like.

If you want to treasure the everyday moments in your family’s life, then I recommend doing a half a day or full day in a life photography session with me. I capture you with sleepy morning faces at breakfast, to cuddles at bedtime stories and all the moments in between that make up family life. You can find more information about my family photography sessions here.

I cover London and Kent and can always travel further afield. I can’t wait to meet you!

Boy climbing kitchen counter during a documentary family photo shoot and featured in Vogue Italia
The above photo was featured by Vogue Italia


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